Try this newest little bit of analysis from the M.T. Greene BatshitWerks manufacturing facility:


And right here’s a display screen shot, in case somebody in her internal circle who prefers the reduced-lead paint chips has a free 48 hours or so to clarify this to her and persuade her to take the tweet down.


It’s a tragedy that so many individuals nonetheless die of most cancers annually. However what we haven’t carried out within the face of this ongoing disaster is demonize efficient remedies, politicize primary precautionary measures, or relentlessly assault one of many world’s foremost consultants on the issue.

After all, there’s a reasonably vital distinction between most cancers and COVID-19. Let me see if I can puzzle this one out. Hmm. No luck. Guess I’m simply too obtuse.





One has to marvel if Greene is actually this silly, or if she noticed #LaurenBoebert trending, wanted to strike rapidly, and couldn’t give you one thing bigoted in time. Evidently, if this MAGA star has such a tenuous grasp of the COVID-19 pandemic after almost two years of nonstop protection, it doesn’t bode nicely for her followers.

When is the Hale-Bopp comet returning to select these folks up? I hear JFK Jr. has added a large pair of TruckNutz to its tail in order that they’ll understand it’s the fitting celestial Uber. Don’t be late, loss of life cultists! It’s escorting you to an elysian libertarian utopia the place they irrigate their crops with Brawndo and liberal tears—which received’t actually matter all that a lot since their eating places serve nothing however meat anyway.

Take pleasure in, y’all. Black Nikes are elective! Although the safety guards may rifle by means of your pockets to be sure you haven’t been vaccinated. In any case, vaccines make the child Jesus cry.

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