“Oh, the climate exterior is frightful …” or at the least that’s the way it’s depicted in music within the weeks earlier than Christmas when many envision sitting earlier than a roaring hearth with a cup of eggnog.

Within the U.S., the standard drink is handed round from October by way of December, when gross sales of the store-bought selection fall precipitously after Christmas.1 Within the final 50 years, gross sales in grocery shops have quadrupled. Though it’s unimaginable to measure the recognition of the do-it-yourself model, it’s estimated folks within the U.S. drink greater than 135 million kilos of it yearly.2

Whereas most eggnog is consumed over a brief two months of the 12 months round Thanksgiving and Christmas, retailers have observed that the colder it’s exterior, the extra eggnog they promote. Gross sales within the Midwest and Northeast U.S. outstrip the Southern states, however even in areas which are usually chilly, when the temperature goes up, gross sales go down.

Regardless of fluctuations in gross sales round chilly climate, culinary historian Andrew Smith studies that eggnog was historically a Southern drink when, within the early days of the U.S., alcohol consumption at Christmas was frowned upon.3

The Authentic Nog Was Made With Wine or Beer

The unique eggnog made its first look round the thirteenth century in England.4 Solely the rich may afford eggnog because it was made with liquors, eggs and milk that had been uncommon meals for commoners. Massive estates had farms and there was no refrigeration that might enable the substances to remain recent.5

Most imagine the primary iteration of eggnog was the British “posset.” This was a scorching milk drink that included ale. Posset could have been used to deal with colds and flu when the drink was combined with ale and spices.6 The upper-class combined it with sherry or brandy as an alternative of beer.

Since milk, eggs and sherry had been meals solely the rich may afford, eggnog grew to become related to toasting for prosperity.7 It wasn’t till the 1700s when the drink was delivered to the Americas that it grew to become tied to the vacations.

Since lots of the colonies had farms that had been filled with chickens and cows, eggnog made the soar from the aristocracy to the remainder of society. Nonetheless, sherry was nonetheless costly within the Americas due to heavy taxing, so cheaper rum from the Caribbean was added as an alternative.8

Eggnog first made an look in written prose in a comedian poem by Jonathan Boucher in 1775. However the earliest reference to Christmas got here within the Virginia Chronicle in 1793 when it was reported:9

“On final Christmas Eve a number of gents met at Northampton court-house, and spent the night in mirth and festivity, when EGG-NOG was the principal Liquor utilized by the corporate. After they’d indulged fairly freely on this beverage, a gentleman in firm provided a wager that not one of many social gathering may write 4 verses, extempore, which needs to be rhyme and sense …”

The drink has develop into a practice the world over, with just a few alterations relying on the nation. In Mexico, it is often known as rompope, which was a drink created in a convent in Puebla.10 The fundamental recipe provides cinnamon and rum or grain alcohol. In Peru, it is referred to as biblia con pisco and made with Peruvian pomace brandy.

The Germans name their drink Biersuppe and it’s made with beer. And, in Iceland, they’ve a soup resembling eggnog that’s served as a scorching dessert with out alcohol. Individuals who love the drink say the store-bought selection doesn’t come near the style and texture of what you can also make at dwelling.

What’s in a Identify?

The drink continues to be generally referred to as “egg flip” in Britain, referring to the way it was made. Some in Australia additionally name it an “eggflip,” made with vanilla, milk, uncooked egg, sugar and grated nutmeg. Kidspot.au writes it “is a wholesome, nutritious meal in a glass. Simply do not inform the children that there’s an egg in it and they’ll by no means know.”11

It’s a thriller how the phrase “nog” got here to be related to eggnog. There are a number of theories, none of which have been confirmed. One says the phrase nog was the title of a robust beer made in East Anglia, England, that had the next alcoholic content material than different varieties of beer or ale.12 When eggs had been added, the drink grew to become eggnog.13

One other says the phrase comes from the phrase “noggin,” which at the moment means an individual’s head, however in Center English meant a carved picket mug through which folks drank alcohol. One other principle says it got here from the phrase “nug,” which is a kind of ale drunk in Scotland that’s warmed by a hearth poker.

And at last, a principle that is not as believable says the drink was named solely after arriving within the colonies, coming from the time period “grog” that refers back to the rum early People used of their eggnog.14 The time period grog morphed into nog and have become eggnog. Wherever the time period originated, it began displaying up within the early nineteenth century in England and America.

Is There a Uncooked Egg in Your Nog?

Historically, do-it-yourself eggnog is made with a uncooked egg or two, relying on how a lot you’re making. Nonetheless, for those who’re getting the store-bought selection, you’ll discover the FDA limits the quantity of uncooked egg to 1% egg yolk, which is barely sufficient to say that there’s an egg within the drink.15

Together with the minuscule portion of an egg are a number of different substances you might not be capable to pronounce, in addition to pasteurized milk merchandise, sweeteners and synthetic flavors.16 In the event you select to make your personal wholesome recipe at dwelling, I extremely advise solely utilizing eggs from licensed natural and true pasture-raised chickens from a reliable native farmer.

Eggs from conventionally farmed hens can enhance your danger of infections and illnesses like salmonella, as micro organism proliferate in livestock raised in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), the place circumstances are cramped and unsanitary.

Native farmers that develop their hens in licensed natural and true pasture-raised environments use stainable strategies, together with clear and spacious coops with ample entry to daylight and room for the hens to forage for his or her pure meals.

For this reason salmonella contamination is uncommon in these animals. You possibly can see the distinction within the yolk of eggs harvested from CAFOs or pasture-raised chickens. Egg yolks from CAFOs are a light-yellow anemic shade, whereas egg yolks from pasture-raised chickens are a wealthy orange shade.

The identical is true for uncooked milk. Many imagine that pasteurized milk is safer than uncooked milk from grass fed cows, however this merely is not true, supplied the uncooked milk is from a high-quality supply. Pasteurization is important for industrial milk for the reason that cows are uncovered to contamination and illness and loaded with antibiotics that proliferate antibiotic-resistant infections.

The pasteurization kills the micro organism however leaves the protein shell in the milk. Uncooked milk from grass fed, pastured cows which are raised in clear and wholesome circumstances don’t current these risks. As a substitute the milk is teaming with vitamins, helpful micro organism and probiotics, that are advantages you merely can’t get from CAFO milk.

Enjoyable Information In regards to the Conventional Vacation Drink

Whether or not you’re a fan of the wealthy egg/milk combination or suppose it’s a drink greatest relegated to long-past traditions,17 eggnog has an fascinating historical past. In line with the Previous Farmer’s Almanac, the first U.S. president loved eggnog throughout the Christmas season. His recipe had an unhealthy quantity of alcohol and sugar and didn’t specify the variety of eggs wanted. Printed in his phrases, Washington wrote:18

“One quart cream, one quart milk, one dozen tablespoons sugar, one pint brandy, ½ pint rye whiskey, ½ pint Jamaica rum, ¼ pint sherry — combine liquor first, then separate yolks and whites of eggs, add sugar to overwhelmed yolks, combine effectively. Add milk and cream, slowly beating. Beat whites of eggs till stiff and fold slowly into combination. Let set in cool place for a number of days. Style continuously.”

Dwight Eisenhower beloved to destress by cooking and concocted his personal eggnog recipe that referred to as for “one dozen egg yolks, 1 pound of granulated sugar, 1 quart of bourbon, 1 quart of espresso cream (half & half), and 1 quart of whipping cream.”

The custom of consuming eggnog laced with alcohol throughout the Christmas season was delivered to a halt at West Level Academy in 1826. Earlier within the 12 months, Col. Sylvanus Thayer, who was often known as the “father of West Level,” forbade alcohol on campus. What adopted grew to become often known as the Eggnog Riot.19

It started when some cadets smuggled liquor on campus for a vacation social gathering and proceeded to get inebriated. By the top of the evening, there have been smashed home windows, damaged furnishings and gunshots. Nobody was damage, however one month later 19 college students had been court-martialed and 11 had been finally expelled from the college.20

In 1920 a British journalist, Pierce Egan, invented an eggnog drink made with rum and brandy. He referred to as it the “Tom and Jerry.” Some imagine the Tom and Jerry cartoon was named after the drink.21

Scrumptious and Wholesome Vacation Deal with

Whether or not you take pleasure in it annually or are contemplating making an attempt it this 12 months for the primary time, utilizing a do-it-yourself eggnog recipe is your best option for appreciating the actual taste of the drink and avoiding pointless substances from the store-bought selection.

It is necessary to do not forget that when alcohol is consumed in extreme quantities it might wreak havoc in your liver and total well being. The excellent news is that you would be able to take pleasure in a wholesome and scrumptious eggnog drink with out alcohol. Judy Peacock, a Mercola.com reader, shared her private healthy eggnog recipe that’s scrumptious, alcohol-free and excellent for all ages. Contemplate making an attempt it this season.

Wholesome Vacation Eggnog Recipe

Serving Measurement: 1


2 or 3 uncooked pastured eggs

Your milk of alternative, similar to grass fed cow’s milk or coconut milk, sufficient to fill your glass or mug

A splash of nutmeg or vanilla

Uncooked honey to style

One scoop of whey protein powder (non-obligatory)


  1. Put the eggs, milk, honey and whey protein powder (if utilizing) in a mug or glass. Add a sprint of vanilla or nutmeg.
  2. Use a hand blender to mix the combination till frothy.
  3. Eat instantly.