In his December 24, 2020, video report,1,2 “The Way forward for Vaccines,” investigative journalist James Corbett opinions how the novel COVID-19 vaccine is paving the way in which for nonconsensual medical experimentation on most of the people.

As famous by Corbett, if the worldwide medical institution get their means, nothing will get again to “regular” till world well being officers have definitively decided there’s an efficient COVID vaccine in place.

Even then, nevertheless, issues might not return to the conventional we’re accustomed to or anticipate. For the reason that starting of the pandemic, world leaders have warned that social distancing, mask wearing, travel restrictions and different measures will turn out to be a part of our “new regular.”3

Be that because it might, the chorus we hold listening to from the likes of Invoice Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci and a protracted record of different world leaders is that any sense of normalcy will stay elusive till or except your complete global population gets vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2.

Courageous New World of Vaccines

“The general public is being ready for an unprecedented world vaccination marketing campaign,” Corbett says. Nonetheless, one main drawback with that is that the present COVID-19 vaccines are nonetheless within the experimental stage. Whereas they have been granted emergency use authorization, they nonetheless have not accomplished Stage 3 scientific trials. Information for some finish factors will not even be collected till 24 months after injection.

One other drawback is that the COVID vaccines’ hostile uncomfortable side effects are nonetheless comparatively unknown because of the “fanatical” warp speed at which they had been developed.

Even when there’s just one severe occasion per 1,000 folks, cumulatively that will equate to 100,000 folks being harmed by the vaccine for each 100 million vaccinated — a steep worth for an an infection that has an general noninstitutionalized an infection fatality price of simply 0.26%.4 Amongst these beneath the age of 40, the an infection fatality price is a mere 0.01%, which is decrease than that for seasonal influenza.5

A 3rd situation that Corbett houses in on in his report is the truth that the COVID-19 vaccines are “not like any vaccines which have ever been used on the human inhabitants earlier than,” and “as radically totally different as these vaccines seem, they characterize solely the very starting of an entire transformation of vaccine expertise that’s at present going down in analysis labs throughout the planet.”6

Are COVID-19 Vaccines Actually as Efficient as Marketed?

On an essential aspect observe, whereas Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccines have reported very excessive success charges, their “success” is barely measured by their potential to minimize average to extreme COVID-19 signs resembling cough and headache. Presumably, this could decrease the danger of hospitalization and loss of life for vaccinated people.

Nonetheless, as defined in “How COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Are Rigged,” the vaccines weren’t evaluated for his or her potential to really forestall an infection and transmission of the virus. So, because the vaccine can not cut back an infection, hospitalizations or deaths, it can not create vaccine-acquired herd immunity and finish the pandemic, though this has been the vaccine’s main promoting level. Moreover, as famous by Corbett:7

“The research are touted as involving tens of 1000’s of individuals, however in Pfizer’s trial, solely 170 of them had been reported as being ‘identified with COVID-19’ in the course of the trial. Of these, 162 had been within the placebo group and eight had been within the vaccine group.

From this, it’s inferred that the vaccine prevented 154/162 folks from creating the illness, or ‘95%.’ However as even the British Medical Journal factors out,8 ‘a relative danger discount is being reported, not absolute danger discount, which seems to be lower than 1%.'”

COVID-19 Ushers in a Entire New Breed of Vaccines 

Getting again to the principle level of the Corbett report, the COVID-19 vaccines beneath improvement are not like every other vaccine ever launched. They’re mRNA vaccines, and don’t work like standard vaccines. In abstract, RNA are molecules that encode sure proteins. The RNA utilized in COVID-19 vaccines encode for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

The concept is that by injecting this RNA, your personal cells will begin to produce and secrete the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. Your immune system will then reply to the presence of that viral protein by producing antibodies. It is essential to appreciate that this expertise is fully unproven, and there is not any telling how this RNA programming would possibly have an effect on your well being in years to return. As defined by Corbett:9

“The time period ‘vaccination’ … got here to discuss with the final means of introducing immunogens or attenuated infectious brokers into the physique as a way to stimulate the immune system to struggle infections. However this isn’t how mRNA vaccines perform.

In distinction to vaccination, which includes introducing an immunogen into the physique, mRNA vaccines search to introduce messenger RNA into the physique as a way to ‘trick’ that physique’s cells into producing immunogens, which then stimulate an immune response …

Regardless of the straw man argument that opposition to the vaccine comes solely from ignorant members of the general public who are fearful about being ‘injected with mircochips,’ there are real considerations concerning the long-term security of those vaccines coming from inside the scientific neighborhood, and even from whistleblowers from inside the ranks of the Large Pharma producers themselves.”

December 1, 2020, two such whistleblowers — Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, former chair of the Parliamentary Meeting of the Council of Europe Well being Committee, and Dr. Michael Yeadon, former vice-president and chief scientific officer at Pfizer International R&D — filed a petition10 calling on the European Medication Company to halt Part 3 scientific trials of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine till they’ve been restructured to deal with vital security considerations.

Key Security Issues

The 4 key security considerations specified within the petition11 to the European Medication Company are:

1. The potential for formation of non-neutralizing antibodies that may set off an exaggerated immune response (known as paradoxical immune enhancement or antibody-dependent immune amplification) when the person is uncovered to the actual “wild” virus post-vaccination.

Antibody-dependent amplification has been repeatedly demonstrated in coronavirus vaccine trials on animals.12 Whereas the animals initially tolerated the vaccine effectively and had sturdy immune responses, they later turned severely ailing or died when contaminated with the wild virus. Put plainly, the vaccine elevated their susceptibility to the virus and made them extra prone to die from the an infection.

2. Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine incorporates polyethylene glycol (PEG), and research have proven 70% of folks develop antibodies in opposition to this substance. This means PEG might set off deadly allergic reactions in lots of who obtain the vaccine.

Certainly, inside days of the vaccine’s launch, stories began coming in of folks having life-threatening anaphylactic reactions,13 resulting in warnings that individuals with recognized allergy symptoms mustn’t take the Pfizer vaccine.14 Since then, anaphylactic reactions have been reported by recipients of the Moderna mRNA vaccine as effectively.15

3. The mRNA vaccine triggers your physique to supply antibodies in opposition to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, and spike proteins in flip comprise syncytin-homologous proteins which might be important for the formation of placenta. If a girl’s immune system begins reacting in opposition to syncytin-1, then there’s the likelihood she might turn out to be infertile.

This is a matter that not one of the vaccine research is taking a look at particularly. Mass vaccinating ladies of childbearing age in opposition to COVID-19 might doubtlessly have the devastating consequence of inflicting mass infertility if the vaccine triggers an immune response in opposition to syncytin-1. The petition states that this risk have to be “completely dominated out” earlier than mass vaccination takes place.

4. The research are far too temporary in length to permit a sensible estimation of aspect results. Relying on what these results find yourself being, tens of millions of individuals might be uncovered to unacceptable danger in return for a really minor profit. 

In an interview — a snippet of which is featured within the Corbett Report — Del Bigtree requested Wodarg how we are able to guarantee we do not find yourself making the best scientific error in historical past with this vaccine marketing campaign. Wodarg answered:16

“Defend your self and defend your neighbors and mates in order that they do not get this vaccine … And you need to present up. It’s important to inform the politicians that you’ll blame them for what they do with this. I believe what’s taking place … is a superb betrayal. We’re betrayed. And individuals who betray usually are punished, and we cannot neglect this in the event that they go on doing this with us.”

Well being Freedom Undermined within the Identify of ‘Emergency’

As famous by Corbett, much more elementary than any specific security concern is the truth that a vaccination marketing campaign of this magnitude, utilizing a wholly novel expertise, units “essentially the most harmful public well being precedent within the historical past of humanity.” By drumming up pointless panic, many at the moment are keen to forgo all method of freedom within the identify of responding to a worldwide well being emergency.

“Considered one of these core freedoms is the flexibility to refuse an experimental medical process, a freedom that was acknowledged within the Nuremberg Code of 194717 and enshrined within the Worldwide Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which states that ‘nobody shall be subjected with out his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation,'” Corbett says.18

“Even if the scientific trials surrounding these experimental vaccines are ongoing and that the FDA itself admits19 that there’s ‘at present inadequate knowledge to make conclusions concerning the security of the vaccine in subpopulations resembling kids lower than 16 years of age, pregnant and lactating people, and immunocompromised people’ and ‘danger of vaccine-enhanced illness over time, doubtlessly related to waning immunity, stays unknown,’ governments around the globe are considering making these vaccinations obligatory, or compelling folks to take them in opposition to their will by limiting their entry to public life till they topic themselves to this medical experimentation.

The specter of forcing or compelling folks to turn out to be unwilling guinea pigs in an ongoing medical experiment is immoral on its face. However even the prospect of implementing such mandates would entail the erection of a surveillance and monitoring system that additional threatens fundamental rights and liberties.

In spite of everything, as a way to decide who has been vaccinated — and thus who’s allowed to board an airplane or entry a stadium or enter a retailer with a vaccine coverage — there will have to be a system for figuring out and monitoring every vaccine recipient.”

Certainly, I’ve written a number of articles detailing how the monitoring of vaccination standing will usher in a surveillance apparatus greater than anything we’ve ever experienced before. This preliminary vaccine surveillance system will finally be tied into different digital methods, resembling all different medical information, biometric ID and an all-digital banking system.

The implementation of a Google-based social credit system, much like that carried out in China in 2018, is very probably as effectively. Underneath a social credit score system, factors are awarded or subtracted for sure varieties of conduct. When your rating falls beneath a sure level, punishment is meted out within the type of journey restrictions or the shortcoming to acquire a mortgage, for instance.

“There are already apps like IBM’s Digital Well being Go and CLEAR’s Well being Go that envision a world the place our biometric ID will probably be linked by way of our smartphones to our well being knowledge as a way to grant or deny entry from public areas and public occasions,” Corbett says.

“As soon as the COVID vaccines are extensively distributed, it could merely be a query of linking one’s vaccination file to the well being go app to forestall the unvaccinated from accessing any given area …

The COVID vaccine presents governments, intelligence businesses and firms which have a direct curiosity in suppressing dissent, monitoring dissidents and controlling their populations with the proper alternative to make such methods a everlasting fixture of day by day life.

After the quick ‘menace’ of the declared public well being disaster subsides, the general public is already being warned that these apps will probably be transitioned seamlessly into common monitoring of the inhabitants.”

The precedent being arrange proper now’s one which, sooner or later, will grant well being authorities the “proper” to pressure any variety of experimental medication, vaccines and applied sciences upon us within the identify of public well being. If the correct to refuse an experimental medical process will not be upheld now, your complete inhabitants of the earth will probably be out there for experimentation with out recourse. 

Novel Medical Applied sciences Underneath Growth

Whereas COVID-19 vaccines don’t comprise tracking-enabled microchips, we’re certainly taking a look at a future the place quantum dot tags and hydrogel biosensors will probably be utilized in vaccine supply, and they’ll permit excess of simply figuring out or monitoring your vaccination standing.

They will give you the chance to gather and transmit all kinds of details about what is going on on in your physique. The ramifications of handing all of this organic knowledge over to some synthetic intelligence-driven machine run by a technocratic elite hell-bent on proudly owning all of the world’s sources is anybody’s guess.

Already, there is a research underway to judge how an implantable biosensor, which constantly displays your physique chemistry, can be utilized as an early warning system for illness outbreaks, organic assaults and pandemics by sending a sign when it detects the onset of an an infection. Different medical applied sciences beneath improvement embrace:

  • Edible vaccines
  • Distant-controlled vaccine supply methods — For instance, a hydrogel mesh sphere containing a vaccine may be injected beneath the pores and skin, and whenever you swallow a selected substance that dissolves the hydrogel, the vaccine is launched. Proof of idea for this was demonstrated in 2014
  • Autonomous DNA nanorobots that may carry molecular payloads into your cells
  • Form-changing microdevices known as “theragrippers” that, when positioned into your gastrointestinal tract, prolong drug supply

As famous by Corbett:

“Nanobots. Form-changing bioelectronic gadgets. Distant-controlled vaccines. This isn’t the stuff of science fiction however of science reality, and the precedent that’s being set throughout the COVID period to hurry experimental and unproven medical applied sciences into use on the again of a declared disaster is similar precedent that could possibly be used to foist these injectable applied sciences on the general public sooner or later …

These injectables are half of an elaborate system of organic, financial, and political management that’s being bankrolled into existence by highly effective particular pursuits.”

Indeniable Info

Whereas the technocratic elite behind the Great Reset insist there’s nothing nefarious about any of those experimental applied sciences, mRNA vaccines included, the truth that they may lead us right into a future {that a} overwhelming majority of individuals would by no means select, given the possibility, appears inevitable. Corbett notes:20

“Regardless of the protestations of these like Invoice Gates who’ve a monetary curiosity in these experimental vaccines, and the Large Pharma firms which might be promoting these vaccines, and the governments that are being bribed21 by the worldwide public well being cartel to buy these vaccines and strain their public to simply accept them, and the company media who depends on these Large Pharma firms for his or her promoting {dollars}, some info about these novel coronavirus vaccines are indeniable:

They’re essentially the most rushed vaccines ever developed.

The producers have been given complete immunity from legal responsibility if their experimental vaccines trigger damage.22

The scientific trials testing the security of these injections aren’t completed, which means that each member of the general public who takes one is now a human guinea pig in an ongoing medical experiment with the inhabitants of the planet.

The Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines are themselves a part of an experimental class of injection that has by no means earlier than been given to the general public;

These vaccines haven’t been examined for his or her potential to forestall an infection or unfold of SARS-CoV-2 and aren’t supposed to do so.

And there’s completely no long-term knowledge about these vaccines to find out what their results could also be on fertility, the potential for pathogenic priming,23 or every other severe hostile response.

That this represents essentially the most reckless and brazen experiment within the historical past of the world is simple on its face. By no means earlier than have billions of individuals been pressured to undergo a very experimental, invasive medical process on the premise of a illness with a higher than 99% survival price …

Certainly those that want to be the take a look at topics on this ongoing experiment ought to be free to make themselves into guinea pigs for the Large Pharma producers.

However each mandate or compulsion to pressure the vaccine on an unwilling recipient units a harmful precedent, a precedent that may in the future result in a tracked and surveilled inhabitants unable to withstand the following technology of injectable bioelectronics.

This isn’t a sport, this isn’t a take a look at. Billions of individuals are being requested to take part in a big experiment, not simply an experiment in medical expertise, however an experiment in compliance and blind belief.

The strain to say sure and to go together with the group on this experiment is big. But when we lose the liberty to say “no” to this, then we might lose management over our bodily autonomy — and, finally, our humanity — ceaselessly.”