QAnon has taken over the Republican Celebration as Republicans in Arizona are utilizing UV lights to scan ballots to seek out secret Trump watermarks.

That is virtually too loopy to be believed:

The AZ “audit” is being overseen by a QAnon cult member, and one of many poll counters is somebody who was on the assault on the Capitol.

What is going on in Arizona is a logo of the collective derangement of a political celebration. Generally when events lose presidential elections, they get introspective and take a tough take a look at themselves and ask the robust questions on their positions and messages.

Different instances, a celebration has a collective meltdown and decides to seek out proof that an election was stolen when it wasn’t.

It will have been unattainable for Donald Trump to place secret watermarks on ballots as a result of the ballots will not be federally managed, however Republicans have by no means been recognized to let actuality intrude with their conspiracies.

The explanation why nobody exterior of the Trump orbit is taking the “audit” critically is that it’s a conspiracy conference convened by a state Republican Celebration. The nationwide Republican Party may be dying at the national level, however in some states it has descended into conspiracy insanity.